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The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea

The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea will be held on 8 July 2020.

The Caroline Walker Trust is raising funds for activities which improve the quality of holiday and afterschool food provision for children living in poverty and low-income families.  The Trust is also acutely aware that due to the recent closure of schools, more children will be in need of adequate nutritious food during extended breaks.

So, join us and host your own healthy afternoon tea with family, friends and colleagues, at your work, local school, community centre, place of worship, park, club or café, to support activities that provide healthier food options for children during the holidays, extended breaks and after school.

There are over four million children in the UK who already live below the breadline that go hungry every holiday.  In some areas, over a third of school children would normally have access to a free school meal during term time.  For many, this may also be their only meal. Unfortunately, school breaks hit them particularly hard, forcing them to go without adequate food.  For those from low-incomes, after school provision of food options in most areas often comprises unhealthy takeaway options, leading to obesity and rising health inequalities at an early age.

The number of children in poverty is set to increase over the coming months as self-isolation continues and shortens the school term.  It may be that schools do not reopen until the new school year in September, leaving more children without adequate and/or nutritious food for lunch and afternoon tea.  The Caroline Walker Trust aims to improve both holiday and afterschool food provision for children living in poverty and from low-incomes.

You can make a massive difference to the lives of children by hosting a healthy afternoon tea at your work, school or favourite community organisation.  All the monies raised will provide;

  • Activities which support and improve the quality of holiday food provision for children living in poverty,
  • Afterschool projects supporting healthier food options for children from low income-based families,
  • Resources, information and expertise to enhance the quality of food and the improvement of the nation’s health.

Register today and make a real difference by supporting The Caroline Walker Trust to provide Nutritionist led activities, projects and resources for children who are affected by insufficient or unhealthy food provision during holidays, extended breaks and after school.

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