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World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea: Virtual

Sunday 28 February 2021

from 3.30 pm until 4.30 pm

Every month, The Caroline Walker Trust raises funds for activities that improve the quality of food provision after school and during holidays for children living in poverty and low-income families.

Join us for our monthly Virtual World’s Healthy Afternoon Tea and bring your family, friends and colleagues, to help support activities that provide healthier food options for children after school, during the holidays and during term breaks.  

This month’s theme is Real Bread, taking place on Sunday 28 February 2021 where we explore toppings on real bread recipes for afternoon tea and snacks as part of a healthy diet.

Our virtual afternoon teas are a brilliant opportunity to get together at this time of the year, avoiding the cold weather and pandemic, in the safety of our own homes. We can catch up, sip a cuppa and take a nutritious bite of something yummy to eat. And it’s something we can all do to contribute in a fun engaging way.

So, grab a cuppa, bring out your favourite healthy topping and bread recipe, turn on your device and settle down for a bite to eat and a quick chat.

There were over four million children in the UK living below the breadline who go hungry after school and every term break or holiday. In some areas, over a third of school children would normally have access to a free school meal during term time. For many, this may also be their only meal.

You can make a massive difference to the lives of children by joining us for a virtual afternoon tea or by hosting your own at your work, school or family community and donating the proceeds via our donation link.

All the monies raised will provide;

• Activities which support and improve the quality of food in afternoon clubs, term or extended breaks and holiday food provision for children living in poverty,

• After school projects supporting healthier food options for children from low income-based families,

• Resources, information and expertise to enhance the quality of food and the improvement of the nation’s health.

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